Packs, Bags, & Misc.

This page includes Patterns for Backpacks, Bags, X-C Ski Gaiters and even a windsock! All Green Pepper patterns include step-by-step, fully-illustrated instructions and all the clothing patterns include a full size run. Click here for our printable order form.

Cascade Bicycle Saddle Bags
201 Cascade Bicycle Saddle Bags $5.00 Detail PDF
Round Cargo Bags
202 Round Cargo Bags $5.00 Detail PDF
Drawstring Daypack - Adults/Kids
203 Drawstring Daypack - Adults/Kids $6.00 Detail PDF
Dog Back Pack
204 Dog Back Pack $5.00 Detail PDF
Belt Pack
208 Belt Pack $5.00 Detail PDF
Book Pack
211 Book Pack $6.00 Detail PDF
Wind Socks
212 Wind Socks $5.00 Detail PDF
Pacific Curl Garment Bag
220 Pacific Curl Garment Bag $6.50 Detail PDF
Traveller’s Contour Waist Pack
230 Traveller’s Contour Waist Pack $6.00 Detail PDF
Padded Travel Case/Laptop Shuttle
525 Padded Travel Case/Laptop Shuttle $8.00 Detail PDF
Rugged Tote & Portfolio
533 Rugged Tote & Portfolio $7.00 Detail PDF
535 Bag-ettes $8.00 Detail PDF
Tripmate Clear Front Portfolio/Map Organizer
538 Tripmate Clear Front Portfolio/Map Organizer $7.00 Detail PDF
String Bag
541 String Bag $7.00 Detail PDF
All That Stuff—Stuff Sacks
544 All That Stuff—Stuff Sacks $6.00 Detail PDF
Oregon Trail Messenger Bag
545 Oregon Trail Messenger Bag $8.00 Detail PDF
Market Tote & Produce Bags
546 Market Tote & Produce Bags $6.00 Detail PDF
Computer Scooter or Padded Briefcase
547 Computer Scooter or Padded Briefcase $7.00 Detail PDF
Duffle or Gym Bag
551 Duffle or Gym Bag $6.00 Detail PDF
Wave Bag
552 Wave Bag $7.00 Detail PDF
Warm & Dry Dog Coat
553 Warm & Dry Dog Coat $7.00 Detail PDF
Village Courier Bag
555 Village Courier Bag $7.00 Detail PDF
Tool Caddy
556 Tool Caddy $7.00 Detail PDF
Folding Pet Bowl & Chow Bag
558 Folding Pet Bowl & Chow Bag $7.00 Detail PDF
Full Moon Bags
559 Full Moon Bags $7.00 Detail PDF
Spot's Dog Hoodie
560 Spot's Dog Hoodie $7.00 Detail PDF